Concert of Chaos


Flashing Neon Night

Blurred through a steamy window

a concert of colours

Transforming creatures that come out at night, one might say they aren’t worthy of being called creatures. They never were, they never will be. Their world is artificial, surreal and false. One stands in a room filled with a head of curses, a head of anxieties and fear of the unknown. Just as if they just realised everything was the unknown, as nothing that was ever known was true. It’s abstract in meaning, with clouded thoughts, constantly shifting between the two stages, reality or absurdity… As he torments himself with the questions, an audience begins to form, they watch him through the cracks, what they see is still not true. They see a man sitting in a room. They do not see the curses, they do not see the fear… They see a man sitting in a room. The room is framed by these cracks, they try desperately to peek through. No one sees the screen his eyes are following. He watches as over and over he sees his life unfold. But then he starts to see his future, the emotions changing dramatically. He wants to cry. He wants to shout out. He doesn’t want to know the unknown. The tape begins to rewind and his curiosity returns. The emotions rush back but now in reverse. These feelings are chaos raging inside, but only he knows this chaos. Only he feels it. The chaos is trapped, growing worse and worse. The colours of emotion begin to flash across his face, the audience observe and applause. For once they see the emotions, they rush so fast, out of control. The man stands as the film comes to a close and then…


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