Silly Small Talk

Who cares REALLY when they ask you how your day was… I mean seriously and honestly. The amount of times you get asked, How are you? How are you doing? What have you been up to? How was your day? How was your sleep? How was your weekend?

It’s all small talk. Something to get a conversation started, but do they really care about why we ask these questions. Seemingly it’s as if people care about what the other person is doing with their lives, perhaps curiosity is more the word rather than genuine care.

I find whenever I meet someone and they don’t ask these questions, or don’t answer them fully, however, that they are extremely unsociable. However, I still laugh at these questions/conversation starters as unnecessary.

I’m one of these people that thinks, “Grin as much as you can and people will like you/be nice to you”

Which… thankfully, has proven to be a great thing. It gets you out of embarrassment, you can make people’s days happier, you can feel happy inside… So many great things come from a smile.

If only you could replace those silly questions with just a big smile.


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