Tom Hunter notes

Just going through old notes from artists and photographers, need somewhere to collect it all.

Tom Hunter
Known his work for a while but now going back to it, I’m appreciating even more of it. Subject matter varies, sometimes with single figures but most of the time it’s a group of at least 2+.

His work… reminds me a lot of the subjects as Gregory Crewdson, unfinished stories, in the middle of some sortof dilemma or event… Left unexplained.

This photograph has brilliant shadows and a simple colour palette, it all works in my mind for me. The lighting feels unreal… I guess the most from this image is the location and the lighting for me.


This series puzzles the mind as much as it excites the eye. More overtly than other series, these images convey a bleak outlook, but one which is familiar and fair, and broadly resonant with today’s society. Subjects are shown in soporific states, or role-playing ‘death scenes’, and these are located in overgrown fields, wasteland, or graveyards. In fact, subjects do not always dominate these particular frames. Indeed, so much of their environments have been included that emphasis is shared with the placement as much as the person. This assists the ethereal, or ‘other-worldly’, quality to the frames as the wild, untouched-looking country found in Hackney seems apocryphal and ‘dream-like’, despite its contemporary reality. In a sense this series suggests Hunter is, among several other roles, an unusual chronicler of contemporary, urban Britain.”

Interesting notes on this series, it’s the one that catches my eye the most I reckon.


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