Magritte without being Magritte

Killer ideas at the moment, some i’ve given a go at. Armchair in the snow etc. I set up snow ball battle with red dyed snowballs (cake colouring spray ftw)… It’s all going to be up here properly once my laptop is here and set up so I can get the factory going again. Hopping between various PCs with a memory stick is NOT fun.

Gosh this concept box is turning a lot more into, “omg this person is amazing” butttt…at the moment that’s what I need from this blog, a centre of inspiration… of references etc… It makes me love coming here instead of, gah i’ve got to write a blog post again.

I am so psyched about this persons work right now, the best thing about it is that they aren’t one I’ve read in a book or come across in a magazine or w/e. I’ve just come across them.

Albina Terentjeva

The way she has this magritte feel about her work but yet isn’t cliche magritte in any way. I just love it. The colours, the settings… all of it. :]

I guess the aesthetics is a lot of what I’m doing at the moment which is probably why I’m attracted to them so much.

Albina Terentjeva


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