Blogspot Idea Clean-up

“Saturday, 7 February 2009
Computer acting up, striving to become human, just to be with an individual… to become one of us…
Computer’s really do have a mind of their own.

I really come up with some crazy things sometimes.”

“Friday, 16 January 2009
Rolls of Grass
Walked home from school and saw some men laying out some new rolls of grass at a building site.
I’ve always been fascinated by them, kindof odd if you think about it. Like mother nature’s carpet or roll of material for her new dress she’s making. Which undoubtedly got me thinking about experimental fashion photography… If only I could get my hands on some rolled up turf for fairly cheap.

I wonder if it’s easy to manipulate… I mean obviously it would be a challenge, but I’m sure it’s capable of being created into something interesting with the right hands working on it. Interesting…”


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