Exhibitions – Ori Gersht & William Eggleston

Saw two exhibitions on Saturday.

Ori Gersht -Places that were not
Evaders/Hide and Seek – Mummery & Schnelle


Stunning images, especially the one I picked out above. I was lost in it, I wanted to climb through those mountains, it has inspired me to carry on more with landscapes. I loved the element of a bag in this photograph, it gave a tiny short narrative that could be thought in many ways. My mum who was with me suggested it was perhaps found as it was worn, maybe a doctors bag… and then I saw it more as him placing it there on purpose as the narrative or perhaps not at all, it being part of his kit bags and he left it there. I’d be interested to find out more about that image in particular. Others felt so painterly, they were beautiful, especially the Hide & Seek work, they were more about how they made you feel than anything.


William Eggleston – 21st Century

Interesting set of images, particular interesting in the above image of the ice, as it’s a scene I’ve been thinking of photographing since everyone in my family is having problems with their freezers and having these strange happenings with the ice. One part of the exhibition confused me, the room was filled with images of still almost domestic objects, then there appears amongst all of these, a heavily lit photograph up close of a woman crying. It was crude and interesting, but within the body of work it gave you such a jolt of shock as you were walking around, especially since it was at the end of my tour of it all.


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