Deutsche börse prize 2010 first thoughts
No doubt I will be visiting this exhibition more than once so I thought to mention my first thoughts in note form and then write some more and see what else I can pick up on. :] Really enjoyed this years.

Sophie Ristelhueber
Dust – saw Reference to man ray but loved it as it’s own – aerial and loosely geometric, emotion in the blast holes especially with the figure. Scale – bed in holiday home versus children – childhood

Anna fox
Series mother and father, relate in strange way – as if overhearing words from the cupboard – village series strange some compelling – red painted boy – purple hat – series of gifts strange and gruesome but in. A way a
Beautiful documentation of their deaths

Zoe Leonard
Dye transfer – unusual – William eggleston colours – shop fronts almost seen before – some grabbed – coats and buttons , plastic clothes

Donovan Wylie
Really striking lines and textures, metal fence as if made from fabric, as you move along it gets more and more intense, least liked the end two with 7 but they showed a sortof end without solution, disturbing selection to display – no rest – not so inspiredby the wall ‘collage’ but it gave the work context

Difficult to say which one/s are my favourite to win. At the moment I love all of them for different projects, I’d probably say I like both Sophie and Donovan the most as I love their images as a whole far more, whereas the others there are some of their series that didn’t stand as strong next to the others.


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