So many Opportunities

How bizarre.

After the last post, where I stated everything was so standstill, and that I wished things happened more instantly. The past few days have been full of news/opportunities one after another, just as quick as a trigger happy snapper! I have two offers from fantastic universities, which I’d been worrying about constantly (plus working a lot on my portfolio to make sure I got in). More to come but I feel a lot less nervous now I have a few offers!

I’ve also been offered a work placement in the summer at Conde Nast Traveller magazine in London as one of their interns. I feel so lucky to have such an opportunity as this! I want to fill my summer with so much opportunities and experiences!

There’s also been some interest in me photographing for people in the Seychelles. So many exciting things to think about! Now that I’ve got so much fire in me, Look out for a lot more work, and my Final Major Project coming up soon!

Also, in the process of writing/finishing an essay for contextual studies on the Terrorist Act which has made a big hooharr in the photography world. :]


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