Problems in Cornwall

Just a quick update really. I had my interview at falmouth which I think went pretty well, and as I rather expected, the weather I had was all beautiful on the drive down and then monsoon-like rain for the rest of my stay! Added to all of that, one of my models majorly twisted her ankle and was barely able to walk. I managed to get a few shots overall (see above for a small selection of them) but none of the ones I had planned, so I will look towards working doubly hard in the time I have when I am at bournemouth, preparing to have another day of shooting in another location to compensate. 🙂 I had to photograph a business conference today which was rather exciting, I learnt a lot about Sustainability and the limits of my equipment. Now that my new lens has arrived, the quality of my digital work will be far superior (I tried it out today at the conference and it was beyond superb).


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