Noemie Goudal

Noemie Goudal

Her desaturated aesthetic is really interesting as it feels forced but not only slightly even though if you look clearly it is so. I like how in the first image here she carries on the landscape into the interior with the white on the leaves, it is a subtle addition but I think would be obvious without it. Also, the way the boy disappears into the fold of the blown up image is interesting, I can almost imagine the boy fidgetting whilst shooting if things took a long time and wanting to climb behind/into the landscape. I love the feeling that we are intruding on the girl in the 2nd one, I’m not sure if she’s looking down or at us but her expression suggests she’s not happy to see us and that we have disrupted her reading, and her meditation (given the location suggested in the back photograph).

<addition: 20/04/10>

After reading more into her work, and having similar ideas for my own work recently, I found both her Island series and her Escapism series to really help me understand the way I want to approach my ideas. I am now looking at Anecdotes and experiences in my family which I’ve found to be bizarre in themselves. Specifically from my brother who I’ve been photographing a lot of, his twists on our everyday life inspire me to work. I like her interest in escapism as this is what I’m looking at as well just specifically in my family. I think I’m going to write a chunk of text about my work so far and where it’s going…


One thought on “Noemie Goudal

  1. Noemie Goudal’s work can be viewed in the exhibition The Marquise Went Out At Five O’clock

    Stuart Bailes,
    Jeorge De la Graza,
    Noemie Goudal,
    Adam Thomas

    Private view 14.07.10 7-9pm
    Exhibition open 15.07.10-05.09.10
    gallery open Thursday-Saturday 12-6pm or by appointment

    Edel Assanti Project Space,
    276 Vauxhall Bridge Road,
    London SW1V 1BB

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