Amy Stein

I remember coming across Amy Stein’s series called Domesticated last year. There are new photographs in this series that I hadn’t noticed/seen before so I think what I’m looking for in photographs is completely different to a year ago. It’s interesting how my taste and appreciation of images changes. These two images above show elements of what I want to achieve with my own series, Family Fiction. Just yesterday I was looking at a washing basket being a prop in the work, trying to go down a far more subtle route. I have yet to process those images but I think I need to reshoot them as they weren’t AS controlled as I have been previously with colour and tones. The new locations I found were definitely brilliant however so not all was lost.

“The photographs in this series are constructed based on real stories from local newspapers and oral histories of intentional and random interactions between humans and animals.” – What I love about this statement that Amy writes is that it is constructed based on the real stories, like I am attempting to. Yet in recreating them, it’s clearly staged and uncomfortable. I think I just go one step further by twisting the story on occasions.

The other series I love by Amy Stein is ‘Halloween in Harlem’. The simplicity in the image with the bizarre costumes, often recognizable. It works well with her domesticated series, almost as if some of these children are wild creatures, in set up environments. I feel like you can really see halloween on their level with these images, not just in documenting the costumes and the activities. It’s about the people under the costumes being someone they aren’t for one day. I want to be a little more theatrical in my work, though I think costumes to this level might be a little extreme… Perhaps I will experiment with that.


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