Moving Image research

I’ve been trying to broaden my research into more film-based work. I went to an exhibition yesterday which was both film and photography by… though it didn’t feel relevant to my work enough.

I’ve also been looking at the work of Floria Sigismondi

I found this interview with her very insightful into her work, as she flips between film and still images constantly.

Her work on the music video for Sigur Rós’ song [Untitled 1] on the ( ) album, has always inspired me in my work. I felt a connection between the rest of their music and what my feelings about photography and film are so I investigated their other music videos which seem to have similar themes running through them. Being from Iceland, their locations are constantly superb and quirky. They mostly use children and adolescents in their videos which interests me because it is like they talk of innocence or the corruption of innocence.

Speaking of more quirky work, I have recently been interested in the work of  Eija-Liisa Ahtila as she weaves these human dramas into her films. The variety to her work is also really interesting, from almost documentary based narritives to these sci-fi type dramas. I find the aesthetic of all the videos to be beautiful. Her compositions, especially with the House in the three panels, flicking between viewpoints, I find this a really exciting way of showing film. Almost like they’re all through a set of surveillance cameras. Like we’re intruding on their life/story.



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