Performance, photography, collaboration – Manuel Vason

Performance, photography, collaboration – Manuel Vason

Searching through a library for some new inspiration, I came across the work of Manuel Vason. His work is a little more extreme than mine but originally (I should have seen this much earlier) my work started off about performance art and about collaborating. Since these are the three aspects of Manuel’s work that he blends together too, I took some time to look through his book, Encounters, as he also works in spaces and landscapes with individuals.

Both of these works (amongst many others), really stood out for me. I think that the colours are what makes the image for me in the first collaboration, then the busy atmosphere even though it seems to barren and empty. I find the birds almost mirror the rubbish littered across the landscape, like they have been pushed to the sky by the rubbish. Yet there is this lonely man sitting amongst it all, almost like he’s contemplating the beauty of the landscape in the sun. I find it such a beautiful image, wonderfully composed and rich with colours, you can’t help but be inspired. The second work was interesting to me as I had had a similar idea (not as extreme as piercing skin with feathers but another connected to the sugar mice. I will have to rethink some ideas for using them. Also I have another idea with a disposable oversuit (such as when you do painting etc). We’ll have to see how it all turns out.

Manuel Vason – Belfast – Alastair Maclennan (Collaboration)

Manuel Vason – London – Kris Canavan (Collaboration) 2003


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