Lots of Plans

You could say that I have been terribly lazy, but after a lot of work in the last few months; my brain felt it was time for a break. I have been to see a few exhibitions, such as the Sally Mann exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery. I have planned a trip to europe (Benelux) next month so will be checking out exhibitions in Amsterdam’s Foam gallery and also another in Antwerp. I feel I should be shooting when I’m out there, I think I will try to document everything. 35mm film perhaps? Something magical about that. The trip should be a start to many! 😀

I have a shoot on Monday with two lovely girls in London for their new blog, which will be fun and get me all warmed up again. Then I have to shoot a variety of people in the next few weeks for more warming up. I can’t wait for my course to start as I think I need a little kick, plus I’m excited to see what we are given to look at/do.

I have just returned from a family holiday to the West Country, with quite a few photographs to blog about (the next one 😉 promise). I was blown away by Dartmoor’s vast beauty and wilderness. It will definitely be somewhere to photograph in the future. I went on a coach trip up to Yorkshire last month which was fascinating, I was also impressed by the Dales (the ones we did see, I know there were many more that were going to astound me but it was a coach trip.)

I have a huge list of photographer’s and inspiration to add here that has mounted up over the past few weeks! I saw the film Inception (twice now), and it has set the engine whirring that is my brain. Truly an inspirational film, so much to think about it in it. Plus it was beautifully created. I have seen so many new films over the last month, it’s quite crazy really. The next one to watch is A Single Man. 🙂

I have just had a look at previous blog posts and there are a few I still haven’t completed. Including Chelsea Foundation’s final show and my Internship at Vogue House. Those will come in the next few days also.


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