Portrait Prize

So it has been a long while, beginning with an apology is probably unprofessional or something so never mind with that. Recently I went and entered two prints into the NPG’s portrait prize. I have been waiting since I was about 15 to enter a print into that, and have gone up every year to see it! This is the first time that I am eligible (DESPITE now being 20). It’s because you have to be 18 from their dates for when you could have taken the photograph, so finally the time came! I’m not holding a great deal of hope but it was an interesting experience in itself, the first time I’ve entered work into a professional “physical” competition (as opposed to a digital one). I had to line up, had all my labels ready on my work and waited for them to stick some stickers with my special number on them. I saw another woman I recognised there from a reality TV show that I saw once years ago at college and it was fairly old then so it was a nice surprise to see her there! So yes, Good luck to my prints, I can see them now snuggled up to some other print but at least they are together (sad I know).

The photographs I entered were of Lydia and my Oma, which I took in the last year or so. I re scanned the photograph of lydia as you can see the old scan is far more yellow. It’s a beautiful print, both A2 in size.


I had a holiday to the isle of wight recently which was so fantastic, it let me put my feet up and calm down from the rush and stress of this year. I’m already feeling a huge deal better. I took a lot of great photographs on the island as well, the weather was superb all the time. We were so lucky! Just a few photographs here.

There are a load more photographs from the island but these were the ones I got processed.

Another thing I did recently was put together a little book. It’s rather sweet and all about the project called Shatter.

Lovely to hear from you if you are still reading, send me a message!


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