Cat’s False Alarm – Behind the Scenes

At this present moment, I’ll be flying over Africa on my way to Mauritius for a photography commission/job for two weeks (Oh the joys of telling my blog to publish at a specific time in the future). There may not be as many blog posts in that time as the internet there can be dire. Anyway, lots of images to come from that I’m sure.

Back to the actual post though, I decided to do some behind the scenes photographs/films for some shoots last year, mainly to have another view apart from my own, behind the camera. I thought perhaps others might be interested also. This one is from the photographs, Cat’s False Alarm. It was one of those days where it rains on and off, and this shoot was unfortunately during that time. I’d convinced my grandmother to give it a go as it had stopped raining so we got out to walk out to where I wanted to shoot the photographs. She’d recently injured her knee so she was walking with sticks, which I took away for the photograph as you can see. Then as we photographed, the rain began to come down and my lens was gradually hit and 80% of the shoot was ruined. Alas some of the photographs survived and so here they are, with a little story behind them.

Perhaps I’ll even tell you the story behind the title, if anyone’s interested that is.

So here below is my grandmother, completely unstyled by me at this point, not that she needed much styling. Just thought you’d be interested.

Snippet video of the shoot, rain was starting to spit at this point.

And that’s that, tell me what you thought.


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