PhotoBook London

I visited Photobook London on Saturday 3rd September, expecting to be wow’d away by some photography books and to get some great advice on my work in the form of a portfolio review.

The Portfolio review took most of the day and I squeezed all I could out of the experience and was blessed with a range of people looking at the work with many different views. It’s confusing and makes you worry at first when every person tells you a different thing. But after contemplation you realise that it really is THAT subjective, that the only thing you can do in that situation is take all their advice, line it up against what you think and make a now educated decision. That is all one can do, you can’t impress everyone, the only person that you can really try to impress is yourself.

I went to the reviews with strange ideas of who the people I was going to see were (having researched a bit) and came away, impressed, surprised and with deeper insight into them as individuals, as well as professionals. I love photography, talking about it all day is wonderful but it’s exhausting. Doing something you love to the point of exhaustion is strange but brilliant thing. It’s the only way I can really push myself to that limit, doing the things I love.

The Book fair itself, was wonderfully laid back with enough space to walk around and observe what you wanted to observe. Then you had a lot of professionals hanging around, giving the fair support which was wonderful to see. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend any of the other events like book launches, talks, raffles etc but in just what I experienced it was fantastic.

If any of you visited it, don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought! I’ve got a blog coming up about the book I bought there which I have fallen in love with.

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