Edith Maybin’s Study of Mother & Daughter

Beautiful work about Mother and Daughter, there is something about this work that makes sure I could never forget it. The first set of photographs are called, The Tenby Document, where her daughter and her create these narratives together and enact them out in M&S undergarments, relating back to the generation before these two. Her inspiration comes from Vermeer and Lady Clementina Hawarden’s photography. http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/photography/photographer.php?photographerid=ph030&row=0

See more at Edith’s website: http://edithmaybin.com/index.html

Then in the next set called The Conversion Document, she studies the space between reality and dreams, using fancy dress as a way to represent this in her little girl’s interests.

Lastly The Garden Document, is debatably my favourite of the three sets so far. Here she takes her daughter outside and like in the first set, they together play out these stories about growing up, of mother and daughter, of being on the brink of change… She addresses her daughter’s youth and her now being 8 and being on the brink of change as I mentioned before. She photographs her similarly to the first set but she photographs her when day becomes night, this gives the light in the photographs such an ephemeral feel. It’s absolutely stunning. Her daughter and her blur together in some of the photographs, suggesting that her daughter is becoming more than just a girl, showing signs of being the woman she will become.

This is a very special series, and as you can see, a very special bond between mother and daughter. I can’t wait to see what else comes from Edith’s work. I am blown away.




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