Bright Young Twins

Here are Aimee (Brunette) and Harriet (Blonde), the sweetest double-act you could ever imagine. I’ve been dying to (not sure why it never happened) to do a blog post on these two lovely girls. They have a relatively new blog called Bright Young Twins, where they post videos, images and diary-like entries of what they get up to in their fascinating vintage world.

I’ve done a few photographs of them in the past two years (gosh It’s been that long) but I’d love to do more. Just wanted to post some images of them for a change.

We met one day when the two girls wanted to set up a W.I. society at their University, they needed some publicity photographs to advertise it so a friend of mine suggested I’d be up to do it and I’m so glad I did. I love to learn more about their lifestyle, the lifestyles of the past and what the future has to offer for it. I hope to photograph these lovely ladies for time to come.



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