Who am I?

I’m an artist. I’m a photographer. I’m an art photographer. I’m a photographic artist. All these labels which I try to use but just can’t quite express what I do. You might ask, why do you have to define it, and I’ve always thought that. Why do I have to make people aware of where I’m placed in their society?

This anxiety and paranoia about my own self worth in society comes from a lot of encounters recently where people (artists or not) have asked me what do I do/study/create/occupy my time with. Everytime I stumble and I’m taken aback at my lacking ability to answer their questions without sounding like I’m a fool making it all up. Because I do feel like I’m making it up sometimes.

I’m an artist in the sense that I make artworks which ultimately/ideally contribute to a discussion on art/life/society. Whatever it is, I have something to say, just in like a writer does. I just express it differently. I am like a writer trying to write a piece of writing which affects people, makes them think about their own life and lets them be transported out of their reality and into another space. I am trying to tell people something even if it seems like nothing on the surface.

So what on earth am I? I guess I’ll spend a lifetime figuring that out but in the mean time I’ll have to try my best to explain where I fit in different people’s society. Sometimes I feel like they should judge what/who I am themselves, but it’s difficult without offering them all my work, telling them all my experience and then educating them on what it means to work as an artist today. Perhaps becoming a Dentist is a better idea, less questions… Or is their a whole world of dentistry in which I’d have to place myself… Probably. All in all, it’s not easy whoever you are.

If you have any thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them.


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