Sarah Jones

The photographer that has inspired me probably the most through photographing these women is Sarah Jones. I know I had written a blog post including her work previously ( I wanted to ensure I’d made a blog post specifically looking at the work, my views on the work have probably changed since a year and a half ago.

The work, if you don’t know it, focuses on the environment’s these Home Counties adolescent girls live in despite them feeling uncomfortable with it. She captures awkwardness and boredom beautifully and with such detail to colour and composition. As I am personally looking at this waiting and boredom surrounding the final stages of pregnancies as well as the anticipation of change, her work is so relevant and I feel a great parallel between the two.

What governs my thoughts with this work now is what these women are doing now. Have they distanced themselves from this world or have they now embraced it? What do they think of the work now? What did they think of the work then? It’s interesting to think of all these questions, it helps me see how my work might be seen and viewed in the future.


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