Pregnancy Series Continued V (On Location with the Women)

So here is the first shoot of hopefully a few more of my pregnancy series without a name yet, I was focusing more on the interactions between the women, leaving some to their own devices and others where I intervened. These are just some rough shots to add to my growing collection of content. Photographing such a large group outside, especially with the weather like it was, was a challenge but good fun.

Tell me what you think, of the project as a whole so far or of these images in particular, I love getting feedback.

Bates on the Bronica

To continue my photographs of my grandparents, I decided it was high time they got shot on my Bronica. Sometimes photographs can just speak for themselves but I have a few words for these photographs. I wanted to capture their house which my grandad built as it’s very much his style of architecture. Then I wanted to capture their best year for apples on their crazy tree which could possibly be coming down fairly soon. Should do some more photographs of them in the near future.

I took some aside photographs of Em and this is one of my favourites.

Lydia on the Bronica

I’m getting a lot more practice with my Bronica this summer, so continuing to photograph the wonderful lydia. These photographs were taken in an afternoon catching up on the few months that we hadn’t seen one another. Using the Bronica has proved to be a tricky thing, not least because it’s fairly heavy and always needs a sturdy tripod but for the focusing. When you are focusing, there’s more distance between your eye and the viewfinder because it is so large and you are looking at it at an angle which does all sorts to my head. I’m pretty glad with how these turned out, but they are fresh and untouched as such and I am without a darkroom to create my own prints at the moment. Hopefully in the near future when I start university again. I’d love to keep photographing Lydia for our whole lives, and I have no doubt I probably will. There are more photographs coming your way but I wanted to just select a few for today.

Finally got round to processing this film I took on a roadtrip up to Scotland last summer, this is taken in Bradford actually on the way. I’m obsessed by car parks, so shoot me!