The Kitchen as a Womb Experiments

Here we have a selection of some of my experiments so far this term from looking at the kitchen and especially baking as a way of conceptualising the creation of a child. Let me know what you think, I’d love some feedback. 🙂

George Dunlop Leslie

I’m not quite sure why I’ve only just come across George Dunlop Leslie but his paintings are incredible, and I feel like I recognise something of my work in it so deeply that I can hardly keep my eyes away from them. I love the boredom, the mundane-ness and just the sheer beauty of his use of colour and light. So here are my three favourite images that make my heart pound that little bit faster.

Cat’s False Alarm – Sample12 Exhibition

Cat’s False Alarm – Jasmine Gauthier (2010)

I’ll be exhibiting in a group show called Sample 12 at ThePrintSpace in London (see address above), from 3rd – 28th Feb 2012 (Mon-Fri). The Private View is on the 2nd February, 7pm until 9:30pm. I’d love to see some of you guys there or perhaps drop me a line if you do visit another time during the week and tell me what you thought!


New Book – Work in progress

There’s a new book I’m working on, now that I’ve got the buzz for it. It’s based around these images I took a little while ago which I think I might try to add to now, it’s got to be shot at the right time of year though. So perhaps I shall do two short books. This is a little teaser of what’s yet to come, some of you might have already seen this series but I wanted to give it new life as it is one of my favourites really. The images are almost haunting, like an old amateur horror movie, at least they are to me. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on things then that’d be fantastically interesting to hear from you, the title of the book is still bouncing around in my mind.